A Cave Full of Crazy

Bobbin was in his element

The group made their way to the entrance of a large dungeon where they believe Gzob was taken. Bobbin and Alyssa made their way forward and discovered two Orcs guarding the entrance. Bobbin went in and spoke with the surly Orcs who then decided to try to catch him. It is believed the Orcs names were Abbott and Costello. Garf stunned them in a kaleidoscope of color and the group pulled them out of the cave and tied them up. Bobbin and Alyssa did an interrogation of sorts using the old “nice halfling, lame monk” routine. The Orcs agreed that the short, young, unarmed girl was sufficiently scary enough to warrant telling the group what they knew.

Next we had Bobbin talk with his buddy, Uncle Buck, the Goblin Head, who let us know that there was a backdoor entrance further down the mountain. The group head that way and found a trap door under a set of large rocks. Opening the trap door, the group found a passage way to the right and a small room to the left. A secret door was discovered in the room and the group entered another small room with several contraptions and two inhabitants. A Dwarf named Von and his hand puppet named Aldo who where babbling about patents and general craziness. Bobbin, who we all know loves a bit of crazy, entered into some shrewd negotiations with the puppet. After a bit of smooth talking, and several troubling comments about puppets, it was agreed that Von would lead us to the dungeon to try to recover out friend Gzob.

The party departed and surely enough, within 50 feet we ran into one of the fire mages we believe caused the ruckus in the forest who was also surrounded by 3 orc children. Bobbin, feeling that he was on a roll, tried to negotiate with the man. A certain higher power decided that there had been enough talk and that evil guys need to kill, even evil guys who are outnumbered. Bobbin was quickly subdued by spell and a little red imp guy who was invisible appeared and smacked Garf. Alyssa closed in on the mage and threw a warning punch. He did not surrender and soon was smacked around like the wizard that he was. The imp got away.

Bobbin asked the kids some questions about what was going on. It appeared as though the mage was about to sacrifice the children when we came in. Alyssa gave the child, Doodo?, a small scrimshaw toy when he departed.



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