A Journey to Mabs Tower

Ok, maybe just the basement

The group had just returned from a successful visit to the lizardfolk. Bobbin and Alyssa went down to the sewer entrance and waited to see if Gzob, the goblin Bobbin helped in the lizardman camp, would make it safely back. Gzob did and were able to learn of an impending attack on the goblin tribe. The group gathered our belongings and head to the goblin caves where we met up with Mip and her crew.

Apparently one of the goblins had murdered the tribal mother and had ascended to take control. The goblin did this by allying with the lizardmen and summoning demons. Gzob led us through the opening to the goblin caves and past some nasty beetles. The group found a room with the would-be goblin queen and her two demons. Our goblin allies attacked the evil goblins and the group focused on the queen and her demons. The queen was cut down quickly by Bobbin and after a bit of a fight, the demons were also dispatched. With the fight over, Mip was able to take control of the goblin tribe and she rewarded us with some small fungus’ that had special properties.

The group also learned that the lizardmen and Grey Maidens had passed through the goblin caves to go deeper into the mines. The party asked for help and Mip sent Gzob to help lead us through the mines. We took off and moved quietly to avoid any confrontations. We found one place where it appeared that the Grey Maidens collapsed the cavern. Using some tools, we were able to dig a small hole through the rubble and avoid going through more dangerous tunnels.

Shortly after, we ran into two lizardmen and a Grey Maiden. The lizardmen fell fast, but the Grey Maiden, Alai, surrendered to us. We took her captive and proceeded on. Not long after we came across two beetles. We were able to kill them, but not after a pretty rough fight.



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