A Purrrfect day for a fight

Stupid Goatee!

The week started soon after the trouncing of the Grey Maidens. The group learned that Ganjii was supposedly behind all of the shenanigans. The crew ran back to the inn, suited up, and cruised over to Delfens tower. We were all impressed by Delfens amazing ability to get immediately trapped in a spell. The group heard some growling, screaming, and general hysteria coming from Delfens tower. We hastened into the tower and found Ganjii standing behind an invisible wall with a large hell cat [ ] threatening him. The group intervened and killed the kitty, but not before he ate part of Alyssa.

Ganjii then claimed that Gwydion was really behind everything. The group ran back to the castle with Ganjii in tow. We found Gwydions room empty and were then informed that the Duke was broke. Nelson stood by and pointed at the Duke and said “Ha ha”



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