A rough night on the nose

Would you like a cherry with that zombie?

As the party left the town meeting about securing the portal, there was much talk of the brilliance of Alyssa’s design involving the stone rooms, spheres of annihilation, teleportation, and bees. But due to a few small component requirements, everyone knew it probably wouldn’t happen and concessions would have to be made.

Bobbin went to check on his new Inn and was told by some workers that they had heard noises below the town in the sewers. Once Bobbin finished, Alyssa mentioned that she was going to the goblins because when she last visited, Gzob was missing. The others, particularly Chikna, were interested in checking in on their goblin friends and made there way to the goblin caves. There they were met by Lilo, who then brought the party to Mip. Mip is now very pregnant and after a few pleasantries, informed the group that Gzob had been sent to visit the Earthblood clan and had still not returned. After inquiring about the location of the Earthblood clan, the party learned that it is located in or near the underdark, which Mip said was a very dangerous place for nice people. Mip said that while she was worried, she would not become overly concerned for a couple more days. The group then decided to get their affairs in order and return in 3 days to check on Gzob, if he wasn’t back, they would depart to go look for him.

The group then returned to Ysabeaus tavern and found that no one was working. The group found them in Ysabeaus office having an argument. (While Chikna nabbed some wine from behind the counter.) Ysabeaus showed the group a note that said her adopted mother, Janna, was being held and Ysabeau had to show up at the cemetary at midnight to get her back.

The group surmised that Ysabeaus mother may be held in the sewers and since they had a couple of hours until the midnight meeting, it was best if they scoured the sewers really fast to make sure she wasn’t down there. The group entered the sewer and traveled towards the most remote part thinking that was where someone hiding would most likely be. The group eventually found a room with three zombies that were guarding Ysabeaus mother. The zombies were dispatched and Janna was healed by Chikna.


We also have a skull that allows us to track Gzob.

A rough night on the nose

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