Alchemy After Hours

They are now Green Maidens?

The adventurers started by speaking with Jani and attempting to figure out who had kidnapped her. Much to the surprise of everyone, it was the Grey Maidens. * Clenched fist raised up and shaking * Grey Maidens!!!

The time was nearing midnight – when Isabeau was supposed to arrive alone at the Graveyard. The group made its way out to the edge of the graveyard where Bobbin scouted out the area and reported back that he had seen three figures crouched down behind gravestones. Granan then sent a magical message to the gaurds back in town asking for backup. The group didn’t need backup, they had Garf.

Garf created a large flaming ball and rolled it around the graveyard, apparently annoying some undead maidens to no end. The group moved forward towards the tomb in the center believing that any sane evil leader would be in there, but they were not. It was a ruse. Sadly for the bad guys, they didn’t see us running across graveyard and so we were able to spring a trap on them. Of course, our trap involved Garf blowing them up with a fireball. (Garf really likes fire!)

Alyssa, now invisible thanks to Granan, snuck around looking for leader of the Grey Maidens. Ysabeau boldly strode forward in an effort to get disemboweled, which was almost successful. The leader was identified as the alchemist Bobbin annihilated during the dinner at the Dukes who had apparently had a way to come back as a construct thingy. Garf and Alyssa concentrated on her while Bobbin and Ysabeau focused fire on Alai. The alchemist tried to touch Alyssa, but her hands were cold, so Alyssa declined.

When the alchemist died, the others became incapacitated. Each was destroyed and their bodies burned, but not before some happy loot was discovered.



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