Dance, Dance Revolution

Grey Maidens are Prickly Little ...

The dukes party was an enjoyable event. It started with a bit of mingling and proceeded to a fine meal that was a delight to all, except for Garf who apparently filled up on rice cakes right before the party. Bronwyn was acting weird, but that was because she wasn’t Bronwyn. There was some fine dancing by the group members except for a couple missed dances between Alyssa and Ysabeau because they had some girlie talk to attend to.

The party had an exotic dancer who was not hit on by Chikna because Chuck was sick. Bobbin played a nice tune much to the enjoyment of everyone. We had a great toast where the Duke and Gwydion were poisoned; thankfully Garf remembered what the remedy was. Delfen then cast some detects and warned everyone that there was magic about. Garf also did something similar, but no one listens to Garf. May be we should listen to him a little .. Squirrel!

Delfen then dispelled all the illusions and we all went “oh”. Bronwyn was Alai, not Liota, which was the true surprise. Most of the guards were shown to be Grey Maidens and last, many women had their larger breast sizes dispelled; much sadness ensued.

The group then attacked the Grey Maidens with Rakadara volunteering to take all the hits from them except for a couple stray swings that caught Garf and Alyssa. Alai fell quickly and the pathetic alchemist was eviscerated by the dapper halfing. Loot abounded although Alyssa pouted due to bleeding on her new dress. (Shakes Fist at GM)



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