The Three Amigo(a)s

After the antics with the Gwydion and the Grey Maidens, the group decided to rest a bit, then head down to Dragonspear castle. There was word of trouble in the area and several members of the group wanted to explore the area.

The group headed south along the road for a day and came to a town. The townsfolk informed the group that many women warriors had visited the town a day or two before and had caused quite the ruckus. We got re-provisioned and headed south again. One morning we made the startling discovery that we had camped right next to a Rocs nest. That wasn’t our brightest moment. Shortly after that, an elven gentleman who Bobbin was searching for flew down on a flying horse. He greeted us and asked us if we would look after three children in a cabin ahead. He was going to look for help since apparently both the Grey Maidens with Liota and a contingent of orcs with Logat had shown up. They were trying to recover the spear and helm of the Dwarf and Dragon that used to rule the lands.

The mighty adventurers found the cabin. Two of the children were there, both boys, Honor and Valor. The boys explained that their sister was taken captive and held in the keep. They also described what was in the keep and what they knew to be there. Also, it was pointed out to the group that something lived in the northwest tower that called itself a dragon. It was friends with the children.

The party traveled on to the keep with Bobbin and Alyssa doing some scouting. The scout team learned that Purity, the girl, was being kept in a cage in the courtyard along with another man, both in separate cages. Purity was being held by a Hill Giant.

The group, with the layout of the keep in hand, went up to see the dragon guy. Once he was informed that Purity was being held captive, he flew over and attacked the Hill Giant. The group rushed in an freed her, escaping into the darkness. Garf stayed back to take a short or two on the Hill Giant, helping our wanna-be dragon ally. Purity was returned to the cabin, her arm was shattered during captivity and hung useless by her side.

The group then proceeded back to the keep where Bobbin used the hat of disguise to look like a goblin and secure the release of the male prisoner. He turned out to be Capt. Spearslayers husband. If he survives back to Daggerford, the Capt. will probably kill him.

Time was now running short so the group decided that saving the helm was more important than the spear. The group made its way down into the keep and saw the Orcs had positioned themselves in such a manner as to give a mage happy dreams for years to come. Garf proceeded to obliterate all but one of the enemy with fireballs. The placed smelled horrendous. Logat was tough but the group took her down in short order.

The group quickly ran back to check on the spear, but Liota and the maidens had already retrieved it. The group found the three children had disobeyed them and come to the chamber where the dragon had been slain. It was still in good shape considering it had been dead for a decade or so.

The party went back to the chamber where Logat was killed, killed some mummies, and retrieved the helm.



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