Mabs Tower

Grey Maidens, Ho!

The party had just dispatched a couple of large beetles near an underground stream. We had a Grey Maiden named Alai captive who was very talkative. The party moved slowly forward when Bobbin discovered several traps. The rogue and his buddy, Gzob, were able to disarm the traps and allow us to proceed. Just a short distance forward we found several Grey Maidens and several more lizard men standing about in front of an intricate door.

After a short discussion about who was working with whom, the party informed the Grey Maiden leader, Liota, that we were working for Ysabeau Blackstone. At that, they seemed to relax and let us work on the door. (Presumably they had been trying to get it open for some time.)

The door had several depictions of things that were backwards so Alyssa went forward and stuck her tongue on a small plate based on Gzobs instuctions. She then said “close” and three symbols appeared. We entered the symbols and the door opened.

Inside the group found two golems, the diary of Mab, a spell book, two portals, and some scrolls and potions. The golems were dispatched quickly by our sorcerer and we learned that the portals worked by just invoking the name on them. The first one went to the base of Mabs tower, the second into the Dukes grounds in a small stream. The group then informed Capt. Spearslayer of portals.



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