Meeting with the Lizardfolk

Thems some nice boots, ya'll

The party had just finished up with sewers and was patiently waiting for the time to meet with the lizardmen envoy. Bobbin had put a plan into place were we would offer some weak weapons for trade to the lizard men in order to determine the threat level that they posed. The party agreed it was a good plan.

One of the local blacksmiths, a gentleman known for making nice looking but shoddy weapons, was employed to create some basic weapons. The party then loaded up a wagon and traveled to lizardman country. We were met with some lizardmen near the border and escorted to their leader, Red-eye. The party negotiated with Red-eye and tried to discern was he was up to but really only learned he was trying to amass power. He wanted to unite the lizardmen in the region which would probably spell problems with the Daggerford and the surrounding towns.

In the lizard encampment, the party saw they had a goblin held captive. Bobbin was able to subtly communicate with the goblin and unlocked his cage. Bobbin also told the goblin if he were to get free to meet us in the sewers in Daggerford. Also, it was noticed that a particular shield was in the camp. This was the parties first clue they were dealing with the Grey Maidens.

The party then head back to the Daggerford to let Capt. Spearslayer and the council know what happened.



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