The Poisoning of the Well

The butler did it!

The group was traveling back from visiting Lord Elorfindar when they encountered a group of orcs along the road. Two of the orcs were dispatched very quickly, but one proved to be extremely tough. The orc was able to cast what appeared to be divine spells and when pressed, was able to cast a spell to make herself very fast. She escaped! A mumble was heard that it was Rakadaras mother.

When the group returned to Daggerford, it was learned that one of the towns wells were poisoned. Several individuals, including children, were poisoned and very sick. The party gathered together as many resources as they could to help with the poisoned victims. Bobbin ran off to the Goblins and was able to work with the Alchemist to cure a couple of them. At that point, most of the victims were out of danger.

The group then gathered up Ysabeau and went over to visit Delfen. Alyssa paid the 400 gold fee to have him cast dispel magic on the Pine Marten. The spell failed and had quite the spectacular backlash. Delfen then removed the earring from the Pine Marten and identified it as an earring of non-detection. Then, through some egregious act of divine intervention, the group instantly determined that the Pine Marten was Bronwyn.

In the morning, members of the group prepared for the ball at the Dukes castle. Ysabeau was being picked up in a carriage by Gwydion, so she lent the rest of the party her carriage. It was a sweet ride!

Arriving at the ball, the group members were introduced individually and greeted by the Duke and Bronwyn. Each of the members said their greetings and it was noted by several that Bronwyn seemed a bit nervous. The party, despite being commoners, were situated one row behind the Duke, Bronwyn, the Prince, and his sister.



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