Those wood elves are smoke'n

Finding Gzob

(Parts missing because I was on phone, please feel free to edit and elaborate on the missing parts.)

The night started with the group selling their phat loots acquired in earlier sessions. Most of the items were sold off, with a few purchases on our part. The group pitched in together to buy Purity a scroll of regeneration.

Several days later, the group traveled to visit Mip and find out if Gzob had returned. He had not, and Mip, ready to burst with a little one, was starting to get upset. Mip provided the party with a skull of some dead goblin that involved a couple drops of Mips blood. (Alyssa got a bit squeamish at this point.) The skull became animated and started cracking jokes in goblin. It would seem that the skull and Bobbin have a lot in common. The party then traveled back to town to pick up some last minute supplies.

Someone fill in stuff about guards, spearslayer, and Garf’s love shack

The group traveled east up the river and entered into the elvish lands where they met some Centaurs. The centaurs described the fires and how they helped the elves extinguish most of the fires. The centaurs also mentioned that the elven prince Alaorigngslhsdifjhs was missing, but did not provide too many details. The party bid fair well to the centaurs and continued east.

The group ran into the elves several hours later. The elves seemed very distrustful but after a short while seemed to relax a bit and describe what had happened. One evening, arrows rained down on their party. Everyone sought cover until the barrage was over, but when it finished, their prince, Alaoriglskdjflsdj was gone. Immediately after, fires started breaking out all over the place. This could have been the work of a red dragon?

The party moved a bit away from the elves and set up camp. In the night, a pack of wild horses roamed close to the camp. Garf, the horse Gigolo, made his move. Alyssa and Bobbin averted their eyes while Garf tried to impress the horses. Garf offered grain to the horses to lure them in hoping to train them, but they were very skittish.

The part retired once again, but for a second time, were awaken by Garfs dogs. This time, two large flaming (on fire) beings were headed towards the camp. Alyssa tried to assail them with her unarmed attacks, but only really accomplished in singeing her eyebrows. Garf was able to destroy them with his lighting bolts while Grannan attempted to summon make believe ice elementals that only the party believed were there. Bobbin danced around doing what is believed to be a rain dance. It didn’t work.

After the fight, two fire opals were retrieved from the corpses of the fire elementals.



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