A Meeting with Lord Elorfindar

Darn, I said I wanted a green THUMB!

The party, having just recovered the Mabs Journal from her tower basement, spent the week taking care of personal business. We had one week until the Dukes ball so during that time, the group decided that we should visit Lord Elorfindar and hear what he had to say.

The party members each bought a steed and headed north to Elorfindars. The way was relatively quiet and we were greeted by an elf once we were within Lord Elorfindars lands. The elf led us to the Lords manson were we were told to wait. We were told that we should not expect to meet Lord Elorfindar because he didn’t anyone anymore.

The group settled in for a long wait when a discussion started up with large, rough looking man. He seemed a bit familiar but at first none could place him. He was apparently searching for someone, someone we had never heard of. After a few minutes, Alyssa was able to place him as some relative of Ulvi. It was then revealed that he was her father and that they had a falling out which led to her leaving home. After a few stories of Ulvis exploits, we agreed to help him, but told him that he shouldn’t just walk up to her, but instead let us bring her to him. He agreed to wait two days at the inn across town.

Shortly after, we were brought before Lord Elorfindar. He is old, even for an elf. We spoke a great length, learning about the picture that is housed within the vault. The painting was made just before the god Aroden vanished. Apparently part of his essence is inside the painting and is able to answer questions to whoever owns the painting. Based upon what Lord Elorfindar said, much power could be gained by anyone owning the painting. He also mentioned that what the painting says is not necessarily the truth.

The party was told that in order to get to the painting, the blood of both his house, Elorfindar, and the blood of Blackstone would be required. Since we were not in a position to get his blood, he gave us all a small ivy tattoo on our pinkie fingers so that his family would know the bond between us and help us at a later date. Also, just before we left, we made sure we understood how to get to the vault.

The party was told that once we left, Lord Elorfindar would forget about the meeting and everything he had remembered up until then.

On the way back to Daggerford, the party spied a odd warrior walking along the road. We introduced ourselves to him and offered for him to join our merry band. Also, a pine marten wearing an earring ran up to us and seemed to be friendly with both Chickna and Bobbin.



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