Female Grey Maiden


Alai is a Grey Maiden that was taken captive by the group within the goblin caves. She was given back to her commander, Liota, right before the group entered Mabs lab. Apparently, Alai is from the streets and was recruited by Sabina Merrin, the commander of the queens guard. She reported to Liota.

Alai was cooperative and did warn the group that Liotas squad has someone with explosives.

Alai later was instrumental in attempting to assassinate the Duke. She was using an illusion to pretend she was the Dukes sister and allowed several bad guys into a party, including the alchemist. The action failed and Alai was take prisoner.

Alai then died suddenly in prison. She was buried but then her body disappeared. She had come back as some type of Alchemical Zombie Babe. When the alchemical lich boy was destroyed, so was Alai.



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