Alyssa Hoo

Female Monk of Shelyn

Name Alyssa Hoo
Class Monk
Profession Artist (scrimshaw)
Age 20
Race Tian-Shu
Size 5’ 4"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Black
Skin Fair
Eyes Brown
Religion Shelyn

She was raised in a small village and learned the disciplines of the monk from a local agnostic monastery; much to the dismay of her parents. When she was seventeen years old, she had gotten into a fight with her parents over a pre-arranged marriage with a local boy, and ran off to seek solitude in the hills near her house. Sensing that something was amiss, she returned to find the warlord Drek Neroth ravaging her village. There was little left of her village and all those that she cared about had been massacred.

She grabbed a handful of gold that her family had hidden beneath the now charred remains of her house and headed south. She traveled south for several weeks, at first avoiding people, but later finding a caravan that would allow her to travel with them to the capital city. Still haunted by the deaths of her family, she was able to find solace in a temple of Shelyn. The beauty and nature of the goddess seemed to bring her peace and offered her hope that was seemingly lost.

Alyssa spent quite a lot of time with the Shelyn priestesses; who had taken a liking to her and provided her with the basics needed for survival. Alyssa was used to sparse life and did not require much, although with the priestesses help, Yarus especially, her simple monks outfit did become quite a bit more stylish.

Alyssa Hoo

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