Ysabeau Blackstone

Female Paladin of Sarenrae



Ysabeau & The Blackstone Inn
The Blackstone Inn is located on the edge of the Money Quarter, a large two story manse that has rather recently been converted and divided into an Inn and boardinghouse. Lady Ysabeau Blackstone is the proprietress, but is frequently away training as a paladin of Sarenrae, and leaves the day to day running of the Inn to her trusted employees, Jana Humes and her brother Jasper, and their sons Bertie and Marcus. Prices are reasonable, food and drink is good, but Ysabeau is rather particular about her clientele. She would rather have long-term boarders she can trust than short-term residents who might treat her home with disrespect. As such, the Inn is not as busy as it might otherwise be.


Ysabeau Blackstone

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