Dragonspear Castle

“Dragonspear castle was once the home of famed adventurer Sir Daeros Dragonspear. Daeros was a bearded half-dwarf, a magical and rare half-breed of human and dwarf as tall as a human, but with the physique and affinity to stone of a dwarf. He wasn’t originally from our lands – I know little lore regarding the man prior to his arrival here. He had befriended a silver dragon named Halatathlaer, meaning “Radiance”, (from what I was told.) After he seized a fabulous fortune in gems, Daeros decided to retire here in Gwent. The dragon was wounded in some way – some say she had lost her mate, and much of her spirit with him. Daeros gathered humans and dwarves loyal to him and built a castle that could house the dragon and her hoard as well. It was a large and splendid structure, composed of a massive central keep surrounded by a strong ring of four towers (the inner ward). Around the keep was a spearhead-shaped outer wall of nine great towers. Dwarves were welcomed at the Castle, and a city of small stone cottages and delvings beneath them grew rapidly within the walls. Dwarven fighting prowess made Dragonspear a secure fortress and a place of growing influence.

Daeros was often seen flying over the High Moor on the dragon’s back in those days. He wielded a long spear, rumored to be very magical, against foes on the ground and summoned his troops with a silver horn. I saw the dragon up close once. She was glorious. Their energetic raids hurled the orcs and trolls back, scouring the moor until it seemed clear of them.

The dwarven minings beneath the castle uncovered a vast pit. Foulness emanated from the pit, and Halathlaer had it sealed, for it was apparently a weakened spot in reality, with Hell on the other side. Still, I think this evil place acted as a beacon, attracting all sorts of unpleasant factions to Dragonspear. More than one wizard coveted the dragon’s hoard, but it was the Northern mage, Ithtaerus, who wormed his way into the caverns that had been walled off, and performed the magics that opened the portal completely.

The evil mage called upon several dragons he knew, telling them that the silver dragon of Dragonspear slept, near death, and it and its hoard were easy prey. Three young and ambitious dragons heeded and took wing to Dragonspear. They met over the fortress and fought, killing Halatathlaer and Daeros, and destroying much of the castle before slaughtering each other. The last survivor, a black dragon named Sharndrel, was killed by the wizard and the demons he had summoned to serve him. But like so many of that ilk, Ithtaerus made some crucial mistake, and the demons turned on him and killed him, taking critical injuries in the process. They disappeared, possibly back down the rabbit hole to the place of their spawning.

The castle was left as a shattered ruin, eagerly raided by orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears, goblins, and trolls from the moor until all the dwarves were dead or had fled. The serpentmen even sent a large war party to search it for magic, and they bore away all they found.

Then hobgoblin chieftains seized the castle, They used it as a base from which to raid the caravan road and the lands around; gathering orcs and trolls into ever-larger bands until Caldamin and Daggerford raised armies to drive them out. Every so often a creature of the pit would find its way through the portal and wreak havoc on both sides, until we won our bloody victory. The portal was sealed, and our lands were once again at peace, though we mourn our dead to this day. The remains of noble Halathlaer were moved from grisly display atop the wall to a crypt inside.

Today, the outer wall of the castle is breached and broken in many places. Its great gate is a gaping hole, and from there a road leads straight to the inner gate, whose doors have also fallen. Though the inner ward is still a defensible, if crumbling. fortress, The former city between it and the outer wall has become scrub vegetation, pits (the former cellar delves of the dwarves), and heaps of stony rubble.

The central keep is a blasted shell. Daeros left no heirs, and no money to repair the castle. It holds terrible memories for many. To my knowledge, it is uninhabited, though the Duke sends someone to keep an eye on the place. To my knowledge, the spear of Daeros was never recovered."

Dragonspear Castle

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