Main Page

Player Characters

  1. Alyssa Hoo
  2. Bobbin Marvelo
  3. Chikna (Sundarage)
  4. Garf
  5. Rakadara
  6. Jon Bragg

Non-Player Characters

  1. Ysabeau
  2. Delfen
  3. Mip
  4. Gzob
  5. Capt Spearslayer
  6. Duke
  7. Bronwyn
  8. Gwydion
  9. Ulvi
  10. Korbus Brightjewel
  11. Grey Maidens
  12. Lizardmen
  13. Goblins
  14. Red Dragon
  15. Kelson Darktreader
  16. Duneden, Apothecary
  17. Bando the Lame
  18. Derval Ironeater
  19. Elorfindar Floshin
  20. The Blackstone Family

Location Information

  1. Blackstone Inn
  2. Blackstone Vault
  3. Mab’s Tower
  4. Ducal Castle
  5. The House of Long Silences
  6. Daggerford
  7. Daggerford surrounding
  8. The Goblin Caves
  9. The Sewers
  10. Dragonspear Castle


  1. Deal with Lizardmen. We haven’t finished this yet.
  2. Attend the ball. (In progress)
  3. Compliment Alyssa on her shoes!
  4. Determine who poisoned the well.
  5. Determine who hired the Grey Maidens
  6. Figure out why were were attacked by random, powerful orc on the road.
  7. Determine how to turn Pine Martin back into human?
  8. Figure out who the people the note from the sewer refer to.
  9. Kill a dragon
  10. Profit

—— Old information for reference

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Main Page

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