The Ketchup

Or Catsoup

Or Catch Up, I can never remember.

Last we played, the adventurers went to retrieve the painting of the long dead god. The group was able to retrieve the painting with the help, and betrayal, of Phineas and Ferb, or was it Flannigan? Anyway, this elfie fella led us into a chamber that led to the vault where the painting was located. He brought a nice person with him who wasn’t really nice, in fact he was a rakshasha, a rather non-nice kitty with a penchant for hurling insults and fireballs.

The party gave the kitty a stern talking to and banished him to what ever place evil kitties go. The group then entered the vault, heard a grumbling dragon, and promptly grabbed the painting and high-tailed it out of there.

We, the group, then jumped on some pegasus, lent to us by the Phineas, and flew to a dwarf fortress, not to be confused with, which is a version of hell formed of ascii. Once there, the group managed to not be taken prisoner, and not sacrifice Bobbins dagger (Due to the local Jedi.)

Thus, the group is somewhere underground on our way somewhere else.



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